London is a costly city and many people avoid travelling to this city because of high cost. But if London is a costly city, then it does not mean travellers cannot get pleasure to this city in a cheap price. Below I am sharing some tips that by which travellers can get great pleasure while travelling to London and that too with a cheap expense.

Stay in central area: To reduce the cost of your travel and to have the best pleasure at a cheap price while travelling, it is a good idea that you stay in central London. When you will stay in central London, then you will be able to explore all the areas with less local transportation and that will surely help you get great pleasure also. Other than this, it is will reduce your problem as well that you may face if you will stay in any one corner of the city.

Avoid paid attractions: In London so many monuments, museums and other places are there that gives you free entry at any time of the year. Just by visiting to free places you will not only enjoy great pleasure in this city but you will get the fun at cheap price also. And if I say try free attraction, then it does not mean you will not get better services or fun because in this city so many amazing pleasure options are available for free.

Take subway not taxi: In this city, you can go to almost any place in London using subway or underground system of London. To save money to travel in a cheap way in this city, you can avoid taxi and you can take the subway system for going from one place to other place. The good thing about this subway system is that you will not only reach to places quickly, but you will be able to reach there in cheap way as well.

Do advance planning: Proper planning can help you save a lot of money while traveling to London. Also it can increase the amount of pleasure that you get with your travel and you can have this fun in a cheap cost also. While

going for sightseeing it is a good idea that you make a list of nearby places and you visit all those places one after other. By this method you will not only save a lot of your time, but it will save your money as well. That means you will be able to get the pleasure in a cheap cost.

Do your research: This is the most important thing that you need to do have pleasure from your travel in cheap way. In London, food is very costly, but if you will do some research then you can get some healthy food that is available at cheap price. So do research about this subject and save money accordingly. Other than this, you can try similar other things also to save money and to have more pleasure while travelling to this city.