This is ‘monogamish’ or monogamy with exceptions

This is monogamish or monogamy with exceptions

A few weeks ago I told you that, of all the ways to relate, monogamy was the one that suited me the most.

Although it is true that, as I say as soon as I start to get to know someone better, if David Beckham walks through the door offering me a night of passion, I’m single.

Ok, I’m just saying this as a joke because I know it’s pretty unlikely to happen. But the fact that I have that mentality about being exceptional if my celebrity platonic love appears, or if it is something that happens to my partner (who is a Spanish actress and has it easier just because of the distance), is something that she contemplates. a variant of monogamy.

What is known as ” monogamish” , which comes from joining “monogamy” and ” ish ” (“almost” in English), is a type of pact that allows sexual encounters, very occasionally, within monogamy . That exception is the joke I make about having a ‘free pass’ with our celebrity crushes (although in between jokes, the truth looms). The term monogamish was coined in 2011 by the journalist specialized in sex Dan Savage to define this situation, but also a possible formalization beyond the meeting with our famous crush .

This is monogamish or monogamy with exceptionsThat is, it is the pact that “bonding takes precedence over any external connection, but that occasional flings are acceptable and perhaps even desirable to keep the flame burning” It can be, by agreement, from having third parties from time to time to a night where anything goes.

According to the book Promiscuous Ethics, it would be a good alternative for people who don’t want to jump into polyamory, but are attracted to the excitement of having an “occasional dalliance outside of their relationship.” What should be remembered is that, no matter how rarely this story happens outside of the monogamous relationship, emotional and logistical management must be done equally.

That is to say, within monogamish you also have to honestly communicate your wishes, work on managing jealousy and set limits -for example, that the meeting is not in the flat where the couple lives. Without forgetting the planning of when it is going to be done, so that it does not affect another commitment that was going to be made with the couple (so that it continues to feel that it is the priority).

Now that you know what it’s about, would you propose it?read more

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What Porn’s Golden Globes Look Like

What Porn's Golden Globes Look Like

I walked the glittering red carpet at the XBIZ Awards to find out what the future holds for a post OnlyFans industry.

“I’m here to celebrate and show off my cleavage,” one woman confides to me as she raises her voice to cover the noise from the audience. The location is full of eyes – the unexpected rain in LA has also brought the red carpet indoors – and everywhere people shine in rain and sweat, bright makeup and tight clothes.

Sometimes compared to the “Golden Globes of Porn“, the XBIZ Awards are the adult entertainment industry’s awards. Filmmakers, directors, actors, production companies and hosting sites have been attending XBIZ since 2003 for networking, to collect their golden trophies and – more than anything – to have fun and exposure. I was invited to this year’s ceremony by Erika Lust , adult indie filmmaker and founder of Lust Cinema, Else Cinema, XConfessions and The Store.

As a sex writer , it’s part of my job to keep abreast of the world of sex and how we talk about it. Lust is more vocal than most. I watched his TED Talk on Big Porn (Which Lust compared to Big Pharma, for all the problems it causes), I listened to his treatise on “female gas” (a ubiquitous and often defining response to bad gas for the industry) and saw the Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On , which went behind the scenes of Lust’s studio in Barcelona.

What Porn's Golden Globes Look LikeAlthough I already knew about Lust, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a star-studded night in Hollywood. However, I knew what I wanted to know. With the COVID crisis, the Trump-era passage of FOSTA-SESTA , the success of OnlyFans , and a growing demand for ethical, queer-centric erotic content, I had to ask: What is the future of pornography?

“I can see how the industry is transforming, to be honest, because of OnlyFans,” says Tomie Tang , an independent queer creator who started her career in the industry during the pandemic. Tang came to XBIZ with her real-life best friend and on-screen co-star, Ivy , and the two make up what they call “farm-to-table porn” with real queer people and their organic connections.

Sites like OnlyFans have given creators the freedom to make the porn they want and connect directly with fans – instead of going through an agency or production company. For most people I spoke to at XBIZ, power over content means more power over your own life, more behind-the-scenes rights, and more money. As one performer said: Why spend 13 hours on set when I can make just as much money at home with half the effort?

Tang hopes creators will continue to move toward creating indie content. “It’s better for us, especially as women, to be able to own and produce our own content. We are less likely to be exploited and make more money that way.”

Both claim that their success has to do with connecting … read more

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Do you know the curious origin of the vibrating bunny?

the curious origin of the vibrating bunny

Don’t you get the feeling that sex toys are something very modern?

Between the fact that they now have the technology of a miniature airplane engine or that you can control them remotely with applications, they look like something out of a futuristic movie.

Especially when you go back a couple of generations in time and you can’t imagine your grandmother with something like this in her bedroom bedside drawer .

But no, toys are not a 21st century invention , they have been around much, much longer.

the curious origin of the vibrating bunnyAnd they are also proof that the conception of pleasure, especially the feminine one , has been changing.

I don’t know if you remember, but before the clitoral stimulator boom hit us , there was already a toy with which our legs trembled.

I’ll tell you more, when someone I know asks me which toy I consider essential, it’s at odds with the famous sucker: the vibrating bunny .

The vibrating bunny is a wonderful invention that, in addition to having a dildo that is inserted inside and usually moves -to hit key points in the vagina-, has an appendix that stimulates the outside of the clitoris .

Wonder of the gods. Or the engineers.

The readers of my fifth may remember that this toy hit the big time on the screen (and in sales) thanks to Sex and the City , but its origin would go back to the year 710 AD in Japan (yes, you read correctly, 710, not 1710 ).

According to the Lovehoney Group , the sexual wellness company, the first toy had the name of Harigata – Google it because the photos are curious.

This object was made of stone, wood or tortoiseshell, which was given a phallic shape, and was used either for masturbation or as a complement in accompanied sexual relations.

Something that makes it clear that, since these objects existed more than a thousand years ago, there was still a lot to find out about female pleasure.

Yes, sexuality was reduced only to penetration even with buffalo horn toys.

And that in terms of materials, we can feel lucky to have been born in this era and not be masturbating with something that can stick splinters into your skin.

Maybe that’s why the vibrating bunny was even more revolutionary than the sucker, because it was the first toy to say, “Okay, penetration is great, but let’s not forget this thing up here.”

That was how the clitoris entered the scene.

So no matter how big a fan I am of the sucker and its virtues (such as reaching orgasm in just a few seconds), yes, when I have time and I’m looking for more intensity, I prefer simultaneous stimulation .

Because the Japanese would know a lot about carving any material that came their way to give it a phallic shape, but in my opinion, the toys that go to both areas are invincible.

These are the sheets for oral sex (just

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Няколко причини, поради които обичам момичета от Варна с перманентен грим

Разлика между перманентен грим и микроблейдинг

Нямам намек каква гледна точка имат другите хора за момичета с перманентен грим, а също и техните едри дами, но що се отнася до мен , аз просто ги обичам. Но каква всъчщност е разлика между перманентен грим и микроблейдинг. Съгласен съм, че някои хора може да са там, които биха могли да спорят с моето мнение, но също така разбирам, че може да съществуват много хора, които обичат евтина Варна момичета с перманентен грим, а също и техните бюста жени като мен. Тези, които не обичат евтина Варна момичета с перманентен грим може или не може да има някаква причина за тяхната гледна точка, но онези, които обичат тези грудасти жени, могат да измислят толкова много фактори за абсолютно същото.

Говорейки за тези фактори, тъй като о, които хора като мен харесват евтина Варна момичета с перманентен грим, както и всички онези дамски дами, които работят с тях, споделям причините разумно.Сексапилна Дама В Червено Бельо

  1. Няма значение дали сте наистина умен, красив или богат човек във Варна или сте обикновен тип с почтен заем в джоба си, евтините момичета с перманентен грим със сигурност ще останат достъпни за вас. Тези едри дами не се интересуват от вашия външен вид или блясък , стига да получават ремонтирания си заряд, което ми харесва по отношение на тях. Нито имам много заеми, нито съм страхотно изглеждащ, но получавам едри дами в този подход и обичам този опит по всяко време.
  2. За да получите едри дами във Варна , просто трябва да се обадите на всяка отлична евтина момичета с перманентен грим във Варна и след това можете бързо да получите пищни дами от този избор. И ако желаете да изберете дама по ваш избор, можете да направите това допълнително, като откриете nightangels- Варнамомичета с перманентен грим . или какъвто и да е уебсайт на евтина Варна момичета с перманентен грим превозвач. Това е наистина просто, тъй като хората обичат този подход, тъй като могат да имат цялата информация, с която да се свържат, както и да изберат спътник, използващ интернет сайт, както и различни други подобни източници.
  3. Когато приемате решения на едри жени или евтини Варна момичета с перманентен грим, след това можете да получите услуга, която много ви харесва. Това означава, че ако ви харесва опитът с масажирането, можете да поискате да направите масаж вместо вас и ако харесвате сексуален или чувствен танц, можете да помолите едри момичета да имат чувствено изживяване. И също така, ако обичате няколко други преживявания, които евтини Варна момичета с перманентен грим могат да осигурят след това, можете да получите това определено преживяване и с тези гърди момичета по един наистина прост и също изключително лесен начин.

Освен тези три неща, вие също получавате чудесни точки с евтина Варна момичета с перманентен грим , които я правят всъщност невероятна алтернатива за всички хора. За да знаете още повече относно различни други забележителни неща, които можете да получите с помощта на тези едри жени, както и техните решения, със сигурност ще трябва да се възползвате от техните услуги. И … read more

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