the curious origin of the vibrating bunny

Don’t you get the feeling that sex toys are something very modern?

Between the fact that they now have the technology of a miniature airplane engine or that you can control them remotely with applications, they look like something out of a futuristic movie.

Especially when you go back a couple of generations in time and you can’t imagine your grandmother with something like this in her bedroom bedside drawer .

But no, toys are not a 21st century invention , they have been around much, much longer.

the curious origin of the vibrating bunnyAnd they are also proof that the conception of pleasure, especially the feminine one , has been changing.

I don’t know if you remember, but before the clitoral stimulator boom hit us , there was already a toy with which our legs trembled.

I’ll tell you more, when someone I know asks me which toy I consider essential, it’s at odds with the famous sucker: the vibrating bunny .

The vibrating bunny is a wonderful invention that, in addition to having a dildo that is inserted inside and usually moves -to hit key points in the vagina-, has an appendix that stimulates the outside of the clitoris .

Wonder of the gods. Or the engineers.

The readers of my fifth may remember that this toy hit the big time on the screen (and in sales) thanks to Sex and the City , but its origin would go back to the year 710 AD in Japan (yes, you read correctly, 710, not 1710 ).

According to the Lovehoney Group , the sexual wellness company, the first toy had the name of Harigata – Google it because the photos are curious.

This object was made of stone, wood or tortoiseshell, which was given a phallic shape, and was used either for masturbation or as a complement in accompanied sexual relations.

Something that makes it clear that, since these objects existed more than a thousand years ago, there was still a lot to find out about female pleasure.

Yes, sexuality was reduced only to penetration even with buffalo horn toys.

And that in terms of materials, we can feel lucky to have been born in this era and not be masturbating with something that can stick splinters into your skin.

Maybe that’s why the vibrating bunny was even more revolutionary than the sucker, because it was the first toy to say, “Okay, penetration is great, but let’s not forget this thing up here.”

That was how the clitoris entered the scene.

So no matter how big a fan I am of the sucker and its virtues (such as reaching orgasm in just a few seconds), yes, when I have time and I’m looking for more intensity, I prefer simultaneous stimulation .

Because the Japanese would know a lot about carving any material that came their way to give it a phallic shape, but in my opinion, the toys that go to both areas are invincible.

These are the sheets for oral sex (just as pleasant) without the risk of infecting anything

sheets for oral sex

As a brief review of sexual education, yes, unfortunately everything that involves contact between mucous membranes -all those of the body-, is also a source of contagion .

I’m talking about the vulva , the anus , the mouth , and of course, the penis.

Being the last one on the list, the condom does the trick for us whether it is about inserting or sucking, but what about everything else?

Well, I had heard -at the time- about latex sheets , which are supposedly used for other areas of the body.

But I hadn’t given it a try until I started writing this space.

This is how my adventure began to look for ‘barrier methods to be able to have oral sex in the vulva and anus’ or, as I was saying around the pharmacies «Do you have latex sheets to eat asses and vulvas ?».

I didn’t actually do it like that, but it would have been a lot more fun.

In some places they looked at me strangely, in others they had never heard of the subject and did not even know that it existed .

Meanwhile, the boxes of condoms were easy to see and close at hand on the shelves.

But nothing, the sheets that I am telling you are not sold in a pharmacy. Or at least in the three I asked.

It is clear that protection beyond the penis , in oral sex, is secondary even in official distribution networks.

I finally found them in an erotic store , well protected in a cabinet along with sex toys, dice and lubricants.

No, it was not easy to find them , the first drawback when wanting to use them. But once in my power, I was confident that everything would become easier.

How does the system work
The sheets are what is advertised on the back of the box, no cheating or cardboard – thin rectangular latex ‘sheets’ without any kind of lubricant or adhesive, placed where you want them and used to lick the area above the foil.

100% protective when it comes to avoiding getting infected wherever you stick your tongue and 0% misleading advertising, what you read (on the box) is what it is.

Because there is no accompanying image either. Once you open them, you do find a piece of paper inside where they explain how they are placed and what you should not use next to them (oil-based lubricant).

Here I want to highlight the fact that, once deployed, they did not smell like a balloon , something that does happen with condoms.

It was a relief, it’s a smell that makes me nauseated. The ones I bought had a scent like white chocolate .

But the problem is that being so wide, once you are at work with your mouth occupied, they cover your nose when you breathe through it, plugging the holes with the light latex of the sheet.

Another obstacle to consider. But after having tried it, it’s not all downsides.

I can confirm that it is much more comfortable when it comes to the one who enjoys it, than for the one who is using it to perform cunnilingus or annilingus .

The tongue stays a little tight when finished (something that using a water-based lubricant does not happen, but I tried it as it came in the box).

It may be because you have to apply a little more force so that the other person has the same sensation as if the sheet were not in the way, that it does make a bit of resistance than if there were nothing.

It’s similar to when you burn yourself from eating something very hot, but it ends up happening.

Same pleasure?
Regarding the sensations of being eaten with that on, I would say that it is like when you are stimulated over your underwear.

Yes, it is slightly noticeable that there is something between your skin and the tongue, but the impression is just as pleasant and you can reach orgasm in the same way .

My conclusion is that it is a good idea to practice oral sex safely, but it does not end up paying off (at least in the economic aspect).

In order for the use of the product to become more frequent, we should start getting used to pulling the film when we perform oral sex with a new person (which would be his thing).

I would like to think that, in that hypothetical future, the high demand would make the sheets popular, which would make them reach more nearby points of sale -pharmacies included- and, finally, their price would drop .

Because we have to talk about that, for a whopping 7 euros , only 2 units came to you. You get cunnilingus or annilingus for €3.50.

It must be taken into account that, with the most famous brands of condoms, the condom unit costs less than 50 cents.

This means it’s much more cost-effective to buy a box of these, snip off the tip with scissors, make another vertical incision so it’s the same rectangular shape, and do the trick.

But that is already a personal decision. What we should not consider is whether or not to use a barrier method when we go down to the pylon, since there is a lot of loose infection (and sometimes whoever carries it doesn’t even know it).

Do you know the curious origin of the vibrating bunny?

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