A good height is an important quality for better look and sex appeal, but that is not always true. If you have doubt on this, then you can talk to some tall girls for same and you will know the fact. In many situations being taller in a tall and sexygroup of girls is not an easy thing and if you have a doubt on it, then following are some factual information about how to get talle.
Height issue with guys: For many tall girls things become very depressing and disappointing when they see a lot of cute and smart guys are not tall enough to match their height. If a guy is smaller to a girl then he prefers not to approach her. It gives a feeling of inferiority to him and that affect him in a very negative manner as well. Many tall girls find this issue a lot and possibly that is one big reason many tall escorts also don’t get much work from those guys that do not have a better height.
People comment about heels: If you are a tall girl and you are still wearing heels, then people start commenting about it. Well, it is your life and you choice. You should have freedom to choose a dress of your choice and no one should have any right to say anything against that. However, people comment about tall girls if they are wearing heels. Escorts do face this issue on regular basis because they can have good height and if they wear heels to look sexier than people comment about it.
Not easy to find dresses: It does not matter tall girls are choosing full size jeans or a short skirt, they find it really difficult to get the right size. For many of them finding a long enough jeans could be as hard as finding a guy that is

taller than them and look equally smart as well. Many escorts also complain about it. They complain that most of the time a jeans doesn’t reach to their ankle and that is very disappointing to them. And when they choose mini’s then it look so short to them they get awkward feeling in it.
Wrong age assumption: More height means people will make assumption about your age as well. When people see tall girls with other girls in photos or other places, then they think the taller girl is the oldest one. Even that is not necessary and fact could be just opposite to this. Many escorts actually don’t get into the primary list of many men just because of this opinion or assumption. Men see photos of escorts and due to their more height they avoid booking them for the date.
Journey is never comfortable: This is a big issue with all the taller people including tall girls. If you are travelling in a bus, train or in airplane with economy class, then you will never have enough leg space for stretching your legs. That will give you a very uncomfortable journey experience and if journey is longer, then you may have really painful experience after your journey.

Some reasons that explain being tall is not always good for girls

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